DateContestPositionTest PieceDrawConductor
2nd Apr 2022 West of England Area (Second Section)3The Aeronauts2Mark Gibson
14th Mar 2020 West of England Area (First Section)16Legacy7Jonathan Lush-Camps
30th Nov 2019 Wessex BBA Contest9Trittico [Curnow]12Chris King
9th Mar 2019 West of England Area (First Section)12Symphony of Marches7Phillip Littlemore
3rd Nov 2018 Wychavon Contest (First Section)85Phillip Littlemore
10th Mar 2018 West of England Area (First Section)11Brass Metamorphosis16Melvin White
25th Feb 2018 Oxfordshire & District BBA Winter Contest (First Section)4Brass Metamorphosis2Melvin White
16th Sep 2017 National Championship of Great Britain (Second Section Final)5Music of a Legacy3Melvin White
21st May 2017 SCABA Entertainment Contest (A Section)11Melvin White
11th Mar 2017 West of England Area (Second Section)2Rhapsody in Brass12Melvin White
26th Feb 2017 Oxfordshire & District BBA Winter Contest (Second Section)2Rhapsody in Brass6Melvin White
26th Nov 2016 Wessex BBA Contest2The Saga of Haakon the Good12Melvin White
25th Sep 2016 scaba Autumn Contest (First Section)1The Saga of Haakon the Good2Melvin White
22nd May 2016 SCABA Entertainment Contest (A Section)22Melvin White
13th Mar 2016 West of England Area (First Section)10Essay for Brass Band [Gregson]5Melvin White
28th Feb 2016 Oxfordshire & District BBA Winter Contest (First Section)3Essay for Brass Band [Gregson]11Melvin White

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