Christmas 2021

A belated update to our festive performances in Otterbourne Brass band last December.

As we enter December 2021 the band scene is showing signs of a return to engagements and started to allow us to do what we do best and play to our public.

Throughout the year we had fulfilled a very successful Brass on the Grass Concert and once more featured our regular Last Night of the Proms Concert at Otterbourne Village Hall.

As we entered December, our Christmas program began with an evening of Carols at Hillier’s Garden Centre, where many shoppers were treated to their first festive tones for some years.

Winchester High Street featured high on our list of commitments, with several appearances over the weekend. The public find hearing a brass band performing at Christmas to be a quintessential addition to the season. We moved on to feature at the St Swithun’s School in Winchester where we joined several groups and artists in providing carols and festive music throughout a cold December evening.

Otterbourne Village Hall was once again the centre of attraction for our Christmas concerts. It was decided to go ahead with afternoon and evening concerts, despite the continued threat of the Covid virus affecting attendance. By turning up in their numbers, our public made it clear just how pleased they were to once again attend the concerts, and the dual concert decision was well justified.

Despite a busy return to a busy Christmas series of events, we still found time for a social event and to relax and reflect on what a journey the last couple of years have been. It was refreshing to return to our concert work and provide music to our public which had been missing for so long.

The smiles on the faces at The Otter confirm a welcome return to our traditions which, for many, has been sorely missed for many months.

If you should be interested in hiring us to perform for your Christmas party 2022, get in touch now as we are booking up fast!

Article by Roger Burke

One thought on “Christmas 2021

  1. Hi All
    I played in the band during the 80s and then again early 90s until the 2020s. I was band secretary for 11 years as well. I still follow the band’s progress.
    I moved to Cumbria in 2005 and play with Carlisle At.Stephens Band. I have popped in on the occasional Thursday and your practices but not for a while now as I don’t get down south very often.
    If anyone is up North and fancies having a blow with us please do get in touch we practice every Wednesday at a local church. Full details on our website.
    It’s great to be out playing again isn’t it?
    Great to see you guys doing so well.
    Kind regards Nina

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